Ni Made Murni


A true Bhakti yogi, Murni experiences yoga from a perspective of devotion and self-discipline. Born and bred in Gianyar, Ubud, Bali, Murni was raised with a deep cultural and spiritual understanding of devotion.


She has been a part of the Bali Spirit family since 2002 and the Yoga Barn since its inception in 2007. Originally sitting focused behind a desk, concentrating on administration and graphic design, Murni has grown into an incredibly disciplined yogi. Murni's love affair with the practice of yoga started when she would drop into classes in between her administrative hours. Over time that has changed and now Murni only works in between her hours of yoga practice.


Connection to that ultimate divine energy, in all its names and forms has been deeply woven into every aspect of her life. This base connection to Spirit has allowed her yoga to blossom, uninhibited by doubt or misunderstanding of the true nature of yoga.


She took her first 200-hour teacher training in 2011, and soon after completed a 500-hour training. Murni is senior teacher and manager of the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. Murni's classes are designed with purpose, are uplifting and offer something to students of every level. With an ever-present smile that shines straight from her heart, Murni is an inspiration as a yoga teacher, a woman, and a human being.

Georgia Shapero

Georgia first met Murni attending one of her classes at the Yoga Barn in July, 2017. The two bonded very quickly, sharing a deep love and respect for the magic that is Vinyasa Yoga.

Georgia was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her love affair with the practice of Yoga has taken her all over the world, from Melbourne to Bali, India, Italy and London. She completed her 200-hour teaching training in India, 2018, with Tara Judelle from Embodied Flow.